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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Fort Lauderdale

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Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain? Most people do not have room for their third molars. Fear not! Gerard Wasselle, DMD, has removed thousands of wisdom teeth over 28 plus years so you can rest assured that you're in good hands while in the dental chair. If you or your child needs wisdom tooth extraction in Fort Lauderdale, call the office to book an appointment today.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Q & A

What is wisdom extraction?

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common dental procedures in the United States with millions of patients having their wisdom teeth extracted each year. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the four permanent teeth in the top and bottom back corners of the mouth and typically arrive during your teens or early twenties. It is best to have wisdom teeth extracted before they begin to create problems such as crowding, pain, infection or damage to surrounding teeth. In some cases, wisdom teeth grow in normally and cause no problems. However, in many cases, wisdom teeth do not fully erupt, remain impacted in soft tissue or bone, or begin to cause crowding or pain. Extraction is necessary to prevent potential problems such as pain, infection, or damage to neighboring teeth.


At what age should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

There is no right or wrong age for wisdom teeth removal. While wisdom teeth usually develop during the teenage years or early twenties, some adults simply have not had the opportunity to have their wisdom teeth removed at an early age. The procedure is easier on younger patients because younger patients have teeth that are not completely developed and are in softer bone. Older patients have more developed roots and may have longer recovery and healing times.


Can I be sedated?

We understand some patients approach wisdom teeth removal with apprehension or fear. Fortunately, IV sedation is available which can help alleviate anxiety, fear, and pain during the dental procedure. Dr. Wasselle and staff are fully trained to provide IV sedation in a safe and comfortable manner. During your procedure, we closely monitor your medication, breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure. Following your procedure, you will need a responsible adult to take you home, get any prescriptions, and assist you after surgery.


How do I know if my wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Assessing your need for wisdom teeth extraction starts with a thorough dental examination including x-rays. Dr. Wasselle will monitor the development and alignment of your wisdom teeth and answer all of your questions. An individualized treatment plan will be created for you. We recommend extraction of your wisdom teeth before problems develop.


What problems can wisdom teeth cause?


Pain is often the first symptom that it is time for removal of your wisdom teeth.


If an impacted wisdom tooth only partially pushes through the gum tissue, an infection can form in the pocket created around the top of the tooth.


When wisdom teeth pushes against neighboring teeth, it can move the other teeth and cause crowding.

Damage and Decay:

Wisdom teeth can be very difficult to properly clean particularly if they do not fully erupt through the gum tissue. If a wisdom tooth pushes against a neighboring tooth, it can create an erosion cavity.


While cyst formation is uncommon, these fluid-filled growths can cause damage to teeth and surrounding bone.


If you need your wisdom teeth extracted, trust Dr. Wasselle. With more than 28 years experience in wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Wasselle is here to make your visit as pain-free as possible. Call the office to book an appointment.