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Tooth Extraction in Fort Lauderdale? Call Dr. Gerard Wasselle at Excellence in Dentistry

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The number one priority of the dentists and staff at Excellence in Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale is your oral health. We strongly encourage our patients to keep your mouth free of disease and preserve your natural teeth with regular checkups and dental cleanings. However, even patients who practice good home care and see the dentist regularly may require a dental extraction.  While our dentists will go to great lengths to save your natural tooth, there are instances where extraction is necessary.  When this occurs, you can count on Dr. Gerard Wasselle to provide superior, professional care making your extractions as stress-free and painless as possible.

What are reasons I might need a tooth extraction?

In preparation orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may recommend extraction of teeth. In order to for your orthodontist to move and align your teeth in the proper way, teeth may be extracted to provide the additional space in the mouth. For orthodontic treatment, the teeth that are usually removed are either the first premolars or canines.

If your jaw is not large enough for all of your teeth, you may experience overcrowding once all of your permanent teeth come in. Overcrowding causes teeth to become misaligned, crooked, or get pushed out of place. Although this may seem like mostly cosmetic issue, it can affect your oral health in a number of ways. Because overlapping teeth are more difficult to correctly brush and floss, your risk of decay and gum disease increases. Overcrowding can also lead to an impacted tooth. Misaligned teeth can alter your occlusion causing a cascade of problems.

Irreparable damage to your tooth can happen in a number of ways. Trauma to your mouth can cause a tooth to break, crack, or become loose.  Left untreated, dental decay and gum disease can progress to a point where a tooth becomes unsavable.  If damage to a tooth is too severe, your dentist in Fort Lauderdale may need to extract it.

Wisdom teeth emerge in your late teens or early twenties.  During your routine dental exams, your Fort Lauderdale dentist monitors your wisdom teeth to assess if they are erupting normally, if you will have room for them or if they will require extraction.   If there is inadequate room for your wisdom teeth, they may become impacted or crowd neighboring teeth.  Having your wisdom teeth extracted early will help prevent problems of overcrowding, impaction, and possible painful toothache.

Occasionally, a patient's baby tooth just will not fall out on its own.  Your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale has extensive experience in such extractions and will extract the tooth gently and with compassion for the patient. 

If you need a tooth extraction in Fort Lauderdale, call Excellence in Dentistry at 954-928-1666 to schedule a consultation with our experienced and skilled family dentists to discuss your treatment options.  IV sedation is an option for our patient's comfort during the extraction procedure.  Dr. Nancy Rotroff and Dr. Gerard Wasselle are all here to help answer any questions you may have regarding tooth extraction as well as your tooth replacement options. We look forward to partnering with you to maintain your oral health striving for a happier, healthier you!  

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