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Looking for a new dentist? Here are some tips to help you find the "best dentist near me"

Whether you have relocated to South Florida, your dentist has retired, or its time to find a new dental provider, finding the right dental office is an important decision for your health and well-being.  While there are seemingly innumerable dental practices in Fort Lauderdale and Lauderdale by the Sea,  selecting the best dentist in Broward County will ensure the highest quality healthcare in an office where you feel relaxed and comfortable.  So when you are searching for a "dentist near me," there are several factors to consider in your choice for your new dental home:    

Does my new dentist have great reviews?

We often turn to friends, family members or co-workers for recommendations when trying to find a dentist.  Word-of-mouth is one way to narrow your search for the best dentist for you.  You may have noticed a beautiful transformation in a friend's smile and ask where they were seen. A friend or family member who has had extenstive dental work and has great things to say about their experience is a great source to finding your new dental home.    Online reviews and star-ratings can also give you an idea of the satisfaction of previous dental patients.  Dr. Nancy Rotroff and Dr. Gerard Wasselle at Excellence in Dentistry have excellent reviews from their patients.

What type of dental work does my dentist do?

Most dentists provide general dentistry and restorative dentistry which includes your dental check-ups and dental cleanings, tooth fillings, crowns, bridges, implant crowns and dentures.  Some dentists receive advanced training in order to perform root canal therapy, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, and place dental implants while others refer those procedures to providers who only specialize in those procedures (eg. endodontists  and oral surgeons). At Excellence in Dentistry our dentists perform most procedures in office which saves your from being shuffled between offices to complete your dental care.

A dentist in a cosmetic dentistry practice focuses a great deal of attention in the aesthetics of your dental restorations.  Dental veneers, teeth whitening, and clear aligners are examples of cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Some procedures such a dental crowns and white dental fillings (composites) can be both restorative and cosmetic.   Selecting a dentist with experience and training in cosmetic dentistry will ensure that your dental restorations are of the highest quality and will appear natural-looking.  For instance, you may require a dental crown on a tooth in the front of your mouth.  Your dentist at Excellence in Dentistry can not only restore your tooth with a dental crown, but they will also use the highest quality restoration to ensure a beautiful, natural-looking result. You likely have a friend you can tell had a crown done. While the restoration may be completely functional, had it been done by a cosmetic dentist you would not be able to tell it was not a natural tooth.

Am I an individual or just part of the herd?

While some dental office operate based on volume (how many patients / procedures can we get through in day) others operated based on quality. At Excellence in Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale on Commercial Boulevard, we focus on the quality of your dental experience and success of your dental treatment. Our goal is to forge a partnership with you to restore and maintain your oral health for a lifetime. Our dentists are invested in helping you achieve a smile that is both beautiful and healthy.

You can feel the difference when you walk through our door. You are greeted by our friendly staff.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and welcoming. We give each patient individual attention and care. Our dentists take the time to listen to your concerns and your goals and work with you to create a treatment plan to achieve your dental goals.

What other factors should influence my selection of a new dentist?

If you are seeking a dentist in Broward County, contact Excellence in Dentistry at 954-928-1666Dr. Nancy Rotroff and Dr. Gerard Wasselle boast more than 60 years of combined experience helping patients achieve their best oral health.  Visit our webpage and see what patients are saying on the "testimonials" page.  We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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