Wisdom Teeth Extraction : Sooner is better than later

Wisdom teeth: sooner is better than later. 

Waiting to have wisdom teeth extracted can lead to complications later. For one, if you do not have adequate room for these teeth to erupt, they may cause other teeth to shift and become crowded.  When wisdom teeth begin to press on the second molars, it may cause pain as well as damage to these adjacent teeth.  Wisdom teeth that erupt after orthodontic treatment can cause teeth to shift and ruin the proper alignment that had been achieved. Wisdom teeth may also become impacted, meaning they do not fully erupt through the gum. When wisdom teeth only partially erupt through the gum, they leave a flap of tissue where food and bacteria can get stuck and cause infection and pain.  Tooth decay is more likely to occur in this area as well. 

During your routine dental check-up, your family dentist will keep an eye on the growth of your wisdom teeth.  While not everyone needs their wisdom teeth extracted,  when your dentist advises extraction, sooner is better than later. In addition to the possible complications discussed previously, delaying wisdom teeth extraction can result in a more difficult procedure down the road. If the teeth are left in too long, the roots continue to grow and can make the extraction more difficult. 

When considering wisdom teeth extraction, you are in good hands with Dr. Gerard Wasselle. He has been performing tooth extractions for over 30 years with excellent results. Although wisdom teeth extraction is not something most people look forward to, waiting may only prolong pain and lead to further complications. Call the Fort Lauderdale office of Dr. Gerard Wasselle at 954-928-1666 and schedule an exam to see if your wisdom teeth are in need of extraction.  

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