Why should I have my wisdom teeth extracted?

Wisdom tooth extraction

Most people have their third molars, wisdom teeth, come in during their teen years. These are the molars at the very back of your mouth.  While some people have room for these third molars, some people experience crowding and misalignment of their other teeth, impaction, or even abcess. If your wisdom teeth grow in completely, are aligned correctly and you are able to adequately clean them, you may not need them removed. 

For some, your wisdom teeth may not completely erupt through your gums leaving a pathway for bacteria to grow. As part of the tooth is below the gumline, it is difficult to properly clean and the chances of bacteria growth and infection increase. 

For others, the wisdom teeth may cause your other teeth to move out of alignment or even damage other teeth. Particularly if you have spent time and money on braces, having your wisdom teeth misalign your existing teeth can be  problem. 

At your routine dental visit, Dr. Gerard Wasselle or Dr. Nancy Rotroff will use x-rays to determine whether your wisdom teeth are creating any crowding or other issues. If your wisdom teeth are growing in crooked or becoming impacted or causing damage to other teeth, we will schedule you for an appointment for wisdom teeth removal. 

The best time to have your wisdom teeth removed is before they create a problem.  As your wisdom teeth come in during your teen years, this is the best time to have them extracted as the roots are still not fully formed which makes for an easier surgery and recovery.  Most patients schedule during breaks from school to allow time for rest and recooperation. Talk to your family dentist at your next visit about the position and health of your wisdom teeth to decide what treatment option is best for you.



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