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The Importance Of Senior Dental Care

The eyes may be the gateway to your soul, but oral health is a window into overall health. "Good dental health not only protects against gum disease, gum inflammation, and tooth loss, but also can protect against many other age-related diseases," says Dr. Len Brennan of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. "A healthy mouth really can lead to a healthier body."

Why Do Seniors Need To Visit The Dentist?

Your dentist in Fort Lauderdale wants you to know that your dental care, while vitally important throughout your life, is even more critical as we age. Your oral health is a vital part of your overall health and must be maintained during our senior years in order to prevent gum disease, cavities and tooth loss.  Certain health conditions, like diabetes or heart disease, can increase the risk of oral health complications. Maintaining good oral health includes both a thorough at-home oral care routine (brushing for two minutes twice daily and daily flossing) as well as regular visits to your dentist for checkups in order to diagnose any problems early.


According to study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), "Nearly all adults (96%) aged 65 years or older have had a cavity; 1 in 5 have untreated tooth decay." When tooth decay is detected at your regular dental checkup, your dentist in Fort Lauderdale can remove the decay and restore the health of your teeth quickly and relatively inexpensively.  A composite dental filling to repair a small cavity may cost around $200.  When you skip your dental visits, you allow dental decay to spread potentially destroying  a larger portion of your tooth and requiring a more extensive and more expensive repair.  If dental decay is not addressed, it can potentially lead to loss of the tooth. A root canal to save a tooth when decay has penetrated the pulp can cost $1200-$2000 and dental crown to repair a large cavitiy may cost around $1500. A dental implant to replace a lost tooth can cost several thousand dollars.

Do Seniors Need To Replace Missing Teeth?

Yes, replacing your missing teeth is more than just about restoring a beautiful smile. Missing teeth can cause a whole cascade of oral health problems including malocclusion caused by neighboring teeth shifting into the gap left by missing teeth, loss of jaw bone causing a sunken, or aged, facial appearance, and difficulty speaking  and properly chewing.  Fortunately, Dr. Nancy Rotroff and Dr. Gerard Wasselle at Excellence in Dentistry have tooth replacement options including dental bridge, dental implant, partial dentures and complete dentures for our patients in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-928-1666 to schedule an appointment to discuss which tooth replacement option is right for you.


Looking for a family dentistry practice in Fort Lauderdale that has decades’ worth of experience in treating patients of all ages? Look no further than Excellence in Dentistry on E. Commercial Blvd.  With over 60 years of combined experience, Dr. Nancy Rotroff and Dr. Gerard Wasselle practice general dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.  Our goal is to partner with you for your best oral health. Our practice emphasizes regularly scheduled preventative care visits (dental cleanings and exams) to maintain your and your senior family members' oral health.  Call our friendly staff at 954-928-1666 to schedule your appointment today.

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