The importance of regular dental cleaning and exam with your Fort Lauderdale dentist.

You see it every six months - that postcard from your dentist in Fort Lauderdale reminding you it's time for your dental checkup.  Don't just throw your reminder in the trash bin; the rewards of keeping your dental cleaning and exam appointment are numerous.   

What happens at my dental checkup?

There are essentially two parts to a dental checkup. First, your dental hygienist will provide a prophylaxis, or dental cleaning,  to remove any plaque or tartar buildup. Even with regular brushing and flossing, tartar can accumulate and can lead to gum disease and cavities. Once your teeth are clean, your hygienist will finish by flossing and polishing your teeth and discussing home care. Next, after your teeth are clean and your x-rays are ready to be reviewed, your dentist will conduct your dental exam to check for gum disease and dental decay. 

Top 3 Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams:

1. Prevent Future Issues

During your dental exam, your dentist is able to detect the warning signs of gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, or even oral cancer. When these issues are detected early, immediate treatment can begin to correct the issues. One of the benefits of regular visits to your Fort Lauderdale dentist is that your dentist is able to spot concerns that could turn into larger issues which could lead to pain and possible expensive treatment. For instance, filling a small cavity detected early can stop the decay from continuing possibly resulting in the need for a larger filling, a root canal or even tooth loss!   Unfortunately, many people experience plaque buildup, untreated gum disease and toothaches because they do not visit their family dentist regularly.

2. Treat Bad Breath

Regular visits to your Fort Lauderdale dental hygienist can help prevent  bad breath, or halitosis. Halitosis is usually the result of poor oral hygiene habits. Inadequate brushing can lead to buildup of plaque and tartar which causes bad breath. Your dental hygienist can help remove this buildup during your regular dental visit.  

3. Save Money

Left untreated for months and years, gum disease and dental decay only worsen.  The  deterioration often leads to more invasive and more expensive treatments. Our goal at Excellence in Dentistry is to partner with you to optimize your oral health with routine dental exams and cleanings and avoid unpleasant dental surprises that can be uncomfortable both for your mouth and to your wallet. 

Most dental insurance companies encourage routine dental exams and dental cleanings twice per year by covering them at no cost to the patient. These are considered preventative services.  Even without insurance, preventative visits to your family dentist in Fort Lauderdale are far less costly than restorations needed to treat larger areas of decay later.  

Is it safe to visit my Fort Lauderdale dentist during COVID-19?

Yes, it is! During this COVID pandemic, our dental office is adhering to both CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and ADA (American Dental Association) protocols for patient screening and separation as well as the most rigorous sterilization protocols to ensure the safety and health of our valued patients as well as our awesome staff! Dentists warn not to delay dental visits during pandemic. "Studies have shown that an unhealthy mouth seriously compromises [ your immune system]."

When you receive your postcard from Excellence in Dentistry reminding you it's time to see your dentist in Fort Lauderdale, call 954-928-1666 to schedule your dental exam and cleaning with Dr. Nancy Rotroff or Dr. Gerard Wasselle.  The benefits are clear!


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