Sedation Dentist in Fort Lauderdale and Lauderdale by the Sea

What is sedation dentistry?

Do you have dental work that you need to complete but are too anxious to sit through your procedure? Have you ever wondered "Is there a sedation dentist near me?" The answer is YES! Your Fort Lauderdale sedation dentist uses various medicines to help you relax during dental procedures.  Sometimes referred to as "sleep dentistry," sedation dentistry allows you to relax enough to receive necessary dental care. The types of sedation used in dentistry include:

Can Any Dentist Perform Sedation?

Most dentists can administer minimal sedation (such as nitrous oxide or oral sedation).   However, only a small percentage of dentists have completed advanced training in IV sedation. Dr. Gerard Wasselle has completed numerous hours of advanced training in order to meet the strict requirements needed to administer IV sedation in the dentistry setting.  Dr. Wasselle has helped hundreds of patients receive the dental care they needed and might otherwise be unable to receive by providing IV sedation in a safe and comfortable setting.  If you are looking for an IV sedation dentist in Fort Lauderdale, call Dr. Gerard Wasselle to schedule a consultation. 

Is IV Sedation Safe?

Compared to oral sedation, IV sedation is more efficient and achieves a deeper level of relaxation. Additionally, IV sedation allows a more precise amount of anesthesia to be administered which makes it safer than oral sedation options. Because medications are delivered directly to the bloodstream, IV sedation not only produces sedation quickly but also allows patients to recover from sedation quickly. During IV sedation, our doctor and staff assure your safety by monitoring your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation. The medication puts you in a deep state of relaxation, although you will be conscious and aware of your surroundings. You will probably remember little or nothing about the procedure because of the short-term amnesia it creates.

If fear of the dentist has been keeping you from receiving much needed dental care, call Dr. Gerard Wasselle at Excellence in Dentistry at 954-928-1666 to schedule a consultation to discuss if IV sedation is right for you.  Our office is conveniently located at 2480 E. Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.  

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