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Onlays Are A Strong, Conservative Choice To Restore Damaged Teeth


At Excellence in Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, Nancy Rotroff,DDS, MAGD and Gerard Wasselle, DMD are committed to providing our patients with the best possible dental care, using the latest advancements and techniques. Always conservative in their approach to restorative dentistry, our dentists know dental onlays are a fantastic option for repairing damaged teeth.

What is an Onlay?

An onlay, sometimes referred to as a partial crown, is a custom-made, super strong filling. Your dentist in Fort Lauderdale uses an onlay when a cavity or crack is too large for a traditional filling but enough tooth structure remains that a full crown is not required. Onlays are bonded to the remaining healthy tooth structure, restoring strength, function, and aesthetics.

How Do Onlays Work?

The onlay process typically involves two appointments:

  1. Preparation: After numbing the area, your dentist on Commercial Blvd. removes any decay and damaged tooth structure. Impressions are then taken to create a precise mold of your tooth.
  2. Placement: During your second visit, your custom-crafted onlay, made from high-quality materials in our trusted dental lab, will be securely bonded to your tooth.

Do I Need An Onlay Or A Crown?

Ultimately, the best course of treatment will depend on the specific situation of your tooth. Dr. Rotroff or Dr. Wasselle at Excellence in Dentistry can examine your teeth and recommend the most suitable option, whether an onlay, crown, or another restorative procedure.



Excellence in Dentistry: Your Partner in Top-Quality Onlays

At Excellence in Dentistry, we use only the finest materials and partner with the most skilled dental labs to create your onlays. This ensures exceptional longevity, aesthetics, and functionality.

Looking for a Top Dentist in Fort Lauderdale or the Best Dentist for Seniors Near You?

Whether you're seeking cosmetic dentistry, a general dentist near you, or a dentist specializing in onlays or other restorative procedures, Dr. Rotroff and Dr. Wasselle are here to help. We offer a warm, welcoming environment and personalized care for patients of all ages.

Contact Excellence in Dentistry on Commercial Blvd. today and schedule a consultation. Restore your smile with confidence!

P.S. We are conveniently located near Federal Highway and Commercial Boulevard for those searching for a "dental clinic near me" or "dentist near me" in Fort Lauderdale.

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