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My dentist told me I need a crown...

Dental crowns are one of the common procedures practiced by dentists.  This is because they are an excellent way to prevent the total loss of a tooth. If you have experienced severe tooth decay,  damaged or cracked a tooth, had a dental implant, or need to protect and strengthen a tooth following root canal therapy, dental crowns are the ideal dental restoration. They restore lost tooth structure and protect your remaining healthy tooth. Crowns can also be used aesthetically to enhance the appearance of your smile. Choose the best cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale for your dental crowns by scheduling with Excellence in Dentistry. 

Why would I need a crown?

Dental crowns, or "caps,"  are  dental restorations that fit over the remains of a tooth to restore the appearance of the natural tooth or to protect it from further damage. The reason your dentist may suggest a dental crown include:

Because each crown is custom made for you, two or more visits to your dentist are required. Once you have discussed your treatment options with your dentist and decided a dental crown is right for you,  your dentist will prepare your tooth for a crown.  To begin, your dentist will numb the tooth and the gum tissue around the tooth. Next, your dentist will reshape the tooth along the chewing surface and sides to make room for the crown. If, on the other hand, a large portion of the tooth is missing, your dentist will use filling material to "build up" the tooth to support the crown.  Once the tooth is prepped, an impression is taken and sent to a lab where your custom crown will be made. You are given a temporary crown until your permanent crown arrives. On your second visit, your dentist will permanently cement your custom-made crown. Your beautiful new crown will look completely natural and match your existing teeth. 

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns usually last between five and fifteen years. The life span of a crown depends on how well you follow good oral hygiene practices, the amount of "wear and tear" the crown is exposed to, and your personal mouth-related habits (grinding or clenching your teeth, chewing ice, biting fingernails, and using your teeth as tools).

How do I get the most natural-looking dental crown?

If you need a dental crown and want a natural-looking restoration to enhance your smile, don't just search the internet for "dentist near me."  See what our patients are saying. Then, call the best Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentistDr. Nancy Rotroff and Dr. Gerard Wasselle provide Excellence in Dentistry and are conveniently located at 2480 E. Commercial Boulevard between Bayview Drive and Federal Highway.  Call 954-928-1666 to schedule an appointment to discuss if a dental crown is right for you.

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