Dental Implant-Supported Dentures in Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Dentures can present real challenges for those who wear them. Dentures that slip can create sore spots which are not only uncomfortable but can affect speach and ability to eat. Dentures that slip can also lead to embarassing situations causing wearers to be uncomfortable and self concious in social settings.

Fortunately, Dr. Gerard Wasselle and Dr. Nancy Rotroff can help with implant-supported dentures.  Your dentist will place as few as four dental implants in the jaw which will act as anchors to firmly secure your dental appliance.  The advantages of implant-supported dentures include:

1. More natural. While conventional dentures sit on the gum and leave a gap between the denture and underlying gum, implant- supported dentures are anchored to the gum via the implant. They look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

2. Stability. Because the dentures are anchored to the dental implants, they do not move. With no denture slipping on the gum tissue, there are no more sore spots.

3. Halts Bone Loss. After a tooth is lost, bone loss in the area of the missing tooth can continue. As the bone recedes the tissue starts to shrink leaving space under the denture which gives less support to the denture prosthesis. The implant actually stimulates bone growth.

4. Improved Function. With traditional dentures, new wearers have to re-learn how to chew.  In order to keep the dentures in place, it is necessary to chew on both sides of the the mouth at the same time.  Because implant-supported dentures are secured in place, you can chew like you would with normal teeth.

If you are tired of struggling with traditional dentures and are interested in a restoration equivalent to getting your own teeth back, call Excellence in Dentistry in Ft. Lauderdale.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gerard Wasselle or Dr. Nancy Rotroff  to see if implant-supported dentures could get you smiling again.  Call 954-928-1666 to schedule today!

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