Clear braces in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

While many of us went through those awkward teenage years sporting a smile full of metal in order to straighten our teeth or close unwanted gaps, the field of orthodontics has advanced greatly in the last 15 years.  New options for clear brackets can make traditional braces more discreet and colorful banding can make them more fun. The invention of clear aligners, or clear braces, allows people of all ages to discreetly correct crooked teeth or close gaps to create a beautiful, healthy smile.

It's not all vanity! Straightening your teeth and correcting your bite can not only make you smile more confidently but also make your teeth and gums healthier! Misaligned or crooked teeth are more difficult to keep clean which can lead to plaque build-up and gum disease. Properly aligned teeth allow better ability to chew and speak as well. Most dental insurances cover at least a portion of orthodontic treatment.

Clear braces are available from many brands including ClearCorrect, Smart Moves, and Invisalign. The most successful outcome for your orthodontic treatment will require working together with your Ft. Lauderdale dentist. To begin, you will need a complete oral examination to check for any decay or gum issues to assure you a candidate for treatment. Following your intial consultation, an impression or oral image will be taken of your teeth from which your clear aligners will be made. You will receive your clear aligner trays periodically along with check-ups with your one of our doctors to ensure your treatment is progressing without issue. 

Dr. Nancy Rotroff and Dr. Gerard Wasselle offer convenient orthodontic options for you. Call our office, located at 2480 E. Commercial Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 954-928-1666 to schedule a consultation to see which option is best for you.  


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